On April 25-26, 2017, the 51GoShanghai.com initiative hosted government delegation from Yangzhou, Jiangsu, China.

Region Jangsu is known from the Yangzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone that is combined with a huge technology park and together form the national development zone.

Yangzhou map

YETDZ is located at the southern side of ancient Yangzhou city and covers a total area of 120 sq km. There have settled about 260 European and American enterprises, such as Volkswagen, Colgate, Siemens, Continental, Philips, Alstom, Garmin, ABB and more others. For example, annually in Yangzhou are produced more than one million vehicles of such companies as Volkswagen, SAIC, JAC, CIMC, Yaxing, what is more than produced in Poland. This modern production park has extensive infrastructure and facilities like roads, power supply, water supply, natural gas supply, heating, drainage, sewage, post and telecommunications, cable TV and land leveling.

25th of April – welcoming committee


The visitation was led by the chief of the zone and vice-president of the city, Mr. Chen Xi, and he was accompanied by three high-ranking officials from YETDZ. The visit was started form a dinner in a restaurant with a traditional polish cousine, during which were discussed directions of future cooperation.

image of dinner

26th of April – The Seminar

Next day morning in the business section of the Warsaw Olympic Center took place the official conference.



Before the official part we had a short trip through the Museum of Sport and Tourism, what brought a lot of fun and pleasure for our guests. At the beginning of the meeting Mr. Zhang Ming, director of the YETDZ Promotion Bureau, presented the culture, society and business values of Yangzhou and emphasized the advantages of cooperation.

image of delegation in museum Yangzhou

Next, five selected innovative Polish companies with world-class technical solutions showed the potential of their unique global offer.

There were representative persons of such companies as:

AIRON GET – a company experienced in the metalworking industry

Excalibur Capital –  provider of investment banking and corporate finance services for entrepreneurs

APA Group – player of the industrial automation and building management systems market.

Assistech – an IT company which is concentrated on implementation of multimedia and biomedical engineering projects.

seminar 1

seminar 2

seminar 3

seminar 5

The head of the Chinese delegation, Mr. Chen Xi, was so impressed by the presentations, that at the end of the meeting he taken an extra voice for an additional speech and thanked for the extraordinary opportunity to meet such interesting Polish companies, predicted their great development in China and invited for further working visits in Yangzhou.

seminar 4

26th of April: The After-dinner

After all presentations, A&Q and short camera interviews the discussion was moved to the panoramic restaurant Moonsfera with an amazing view to the green Żoliborz district. Unfortunately, the lunch was a finishing point for the Chinese delegation in Warsaw, as they were going to continue their Polish visit in Rybnik Economic Zone.


obiad po konferencji

All participants of the seminar recognized the event as an extraordinary valuable experience, which is too rare in our country for the good development of Polish-Chinese economic contacts. Also all participants were surprised by the openness of the Chinese delegation and now we all believe that this is an excellent beginning of the potential new and powerful Polish-Chinese cooperation.

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