Business Rollouts to China via Shanghai

Business Rollouts to China via Shanghai

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Model no. 1
Our Chinese Limited Company Jiangsu Epay Dgbank Technology co. Ltd may be the exclusive representative to China (Mainland, excluding Hong Kong and Macao), including the right of direct sales and distribution. Conditions of such cooperation are always to discuss in our operational office in Warsaw. In this model you do not
bear the costs of marketing and pre-sales costs (which is the only matter of our Chinese company), excluding situations where there is required your personal presence in China (i.e. flight costs, direct meetings, conference exhibition) or other activities as a consequence of common decisions, discussed as a budget. This
model requires longer discussion because it is highly related to the process of licensing of the activity for the specific product.

Model no. 2
Excludes model no. 1
This is the model where you build your own identity on the Chinese market without any third-party representatives, totally covering all the processes without any additional coinvestors.
This means a totally self-efficient expansion to China with the incorporation of the company in-sight. We have an offer of help of our Chinese partner and co-investor who works as a Shanghai Talentbank, with sucess stories, mainly of Israel technological start-up companies and fintech companies. This model requires also budgeting and discussion.
The key element of this business is to find a proper human capital representative as a business development manager in China and redirecting him to open the „snowball effect” of your roll-out in China. We have proper contacts and human capital available to organize such processes.

Model no. 3
Excludes model no. 1 and model no. 2 It is the repetition of the path that 51GoShaghai had with Bitmarket.capitalDIGI bitcoin stock exchange in China. Within this model and our activity in China – most of the expenses may be significantly reduced as we are the co-investors (together with our Chinese investors) in the specified business, also working as BDM’s and capital investors in the newly
established company. The required condition is to establish a Joint-Venture in China with the condition of interest of our partners in business in China (as investors).
In this model one should establish specified tasks and goals – like the Israeli companies do, measuring into business exit in 2, maximum 3 years since start on the Chinese market. As one of the goals for exit there is listing on the stock exchange of Shanghai, Tokyo or Hong
Kong (this goal is included in this model as a packet).



The project 51GoShanghai.comexpansion accelerator of European innovative and technology companies/innovators to have business abroad (especially to the Chinese market) by using contacts in the financial center of the Mainland – Shanghai city. The aim is to support such companies with a focus on ultra-modern technology industries and thus boost their rollout to China.

The task of the accelerator is to use the achievements of European innovators and craft a joint venture with Chinese partners (that operate in Shanghai) in order to enter the huge market of Mainland.

Strengths of 51GoShanghai:

1. Portfolio of problems and solutions that are in the professional experience of the founders and managers of the 51GoShanghai accelerator, including their importance to the economy and society, their originality in comparison to traditional solutions.

2. The concept of 51GoShanghai accelerator including cost effectiveness, feasibility of implementation of the measures within the specified time, the quality of the proposals submitted to seek solutions to the needs of the line of development of European business in China.

3. Having confirmed the relationship with external investors, the subsequent support in China.

4. Experience in cooperation with the Chinese public institutions.

5. Experience in ICT in terms of services for third parties, the quality of businesses in which they invested, as well as the quality of mentoring.

6. Human capital accelerator team, including the experience of his managers, commitment.

7. Experience in activation of innovation. Organized conferences, workshops, meetings and participating in them not only startups, but also big companies and institutions.


Take tools & products for innovative companies:

• Know-how about the specifics of doing business and making business cooperation in the China market;

• Development marketing strategy for the Chinese market and operational plan (including a key aspect of human resources), in collaboration with partners from Shanghai;

• In Shanghai: consulting, training and mentoring with chosen specialists, participate in the sessions of presentation for investors and partners and meetings B2B and B2C;

• Helping in the search for funding from Chinese partners.

The task of the 51GoShanghai accelerator will use the achievements of European companies/innovatirs in the field of state-of-the-art and innovative tech products and reforge on joint venture with Chinese partners (that operate in Shanghai) in order to enter the huge Mainland market. European tech companies and innovators are at the forefront of the pack most technologically advanced world companies.

Operating organization:

1. Office dedicated for 51GoShanghai located in Warsaw, Poland, EU.

2. Individual course of conduct concerned European business entering the Chinese market, each matched to the characteristics of the business.

3. Paid cooperation in the commission system, on a success fee or a joint venture.

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