51GoShanghai is the European Consulting Agency which has got experience in area of business development, market rollouts and international co-operation, for about 25 years. 

51GOSHANGHAI, the efficient consulting company is managed on two continents. As a professional team in area of business development, international co-operation (including also our support of ITand digital marketing services), we enable business support for M&A, rollouts, co-operation, Europe-China. We  enable cost savings options & help you focus on core business. We have successfully completed more than 200 different business projects. 

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Whatever maybe your project, get an ideal rollout schedule, a suitable budget against any solutions that you seek from us. Let your ideas turn into business rollout in China/Asia and do not forget to us our scalable support to build dedicated mobile apps and websites. We speak business boost and rollout, we know technology and we drive results. Let us take your business to new heights with Chinese/Asian client-centric solutions. Your business effort is our prime concern. Therefore, we employ latest tools and techniques to balance project duration with product development to ensure on-time delivery. So let’s START!

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51GoShanghai is a role-player in the consulting industry of European business rollouts to China. Co-operation with solid Shanghai consulting and business development partner has created many solutions for established brands. Our partners in China upgraded various small business and young startups to generate big leads in Mainland. Companies across Europe choose us as their offshore development company to add an extra advantage to their business on the way to be abroad.